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As college students, we get it. You don’t have enough time to balance classes, extracurricular and social lives.
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NoteShark offers condensed book summaries and study guides for class materials created by your classmates, pre-approved, to keep our content relevant, consistent, and of high quality.

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Have a 200-pages of Anna Karenina due by the next lecture? Need to watch two documentaries on Vietnam? We provide condensed chapter summaries and study guides highlighting all the important details, terms, themes, and people that you need to know to understand the material.

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Our content writers are highly successfully students, hand-picked by us and currently in the classes you are taking. We understand the courses can change every quarter, so we make sure that our note takers can understand exactly how we can help you succeed.


NoteShark allows you to buy each one of our notes individually through our safe, secure online platform. No subscriptions. No hassle.

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